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Learning is a life-long process. It begins when children participate in an environment that offers a variety of activities that challenge and interest them. During these early years, learning experiences must be diverse, creative, carefully planned and based upon sound principles of child development.

Our philosophy is to foster each child’s intellectual, physical, emotional and language development in an environment which is safe, nurturing and challenging while being sensitive to the needs and preferences of families. The children learn to grow and develop a positive self-image and a strong sense of their Jewish identity using a multi-sensory approach and a developmentally age appropriate curriculum that integrates Judaic and secular materials.

Values are an important part of our Judaic and secular curriculum. We believe that Judaism is best taught by example and through an experiential process.

Early childhood is the most critical period in human growth and development. It is the time when the foundations and pathways for academic achievement are laid. Children learn that play is an important vehicle for their social, emotional, and cognitive development, as well as a reflection of their growth. Children begin to develop communication and language skills while learning to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of themselves and others.
Our ECC uses the wonderful services of the Pre-K Academy and it’s Literacy Links program. Click here to see and video and learn more about Literacy Links.

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Brochures, Calendars, Registration Forms
Brochures, Calendars, Registration Forms

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