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Kol Ami Junior Youth

Making life-long friends is a core objective of our educational programs. Kol Ami Junior Youth (KAJY) brings  4th-8th graders together after Religious School for some great fun and good times. Held several times throughout the year, these parent chaperoned, afternoon events help our children make those connections with the other kids of Kol Ami.

We have the following opportunities for youth grouping:

Kol Ami Konnects – a family-run program in which representatives from each grade level organize events from Shabbat dinner pot-lucks to Sunday picnics in the park.  This program allows our parents and children alike the opportunity to get to know eachother and bond as a community throughout the school year.

KAJY 5/6 – Our 5th and 6th grade Youth Group

KAJY 7/8 – Our 7th and 8th grade Youth Group


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Upcoming Events

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Join Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, President and Dean of Valley Beit Midrash, for an evening of learning on the holiday of Shavuot! Since Shavuot traditionally commemorates the revelation on Mount Sinai, Rabbi Shmuly will explore philosophical and theological approaches to the tension between revelation vs. reason. If we have reason and conscience, do we even have a need for revelation? If there was a revelation, why did it happen outside of Israel? Can we experience revelation, prophecy, and miracles today? Where should we look to have a moral guide to navigate the greatest ethical challenges in our day?


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“Being a part of Temple Kol Ami has enabled us to meet and make life long friendships. They are a part of each joyous and sad occasion we have experienced. These wonderful friends are our family.”
-Dana and Jon Kichen, Members

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